Tuesday Tunes- Watch Listen Tell

 This week I'm going to show you some of my favorite performances from Watch Listen Tell.  They are a You Tube channel that consists of videos of artists performing broken down, acoustic versions of their songs.  I think what's so great about their videos is the way they get the artist to make it feel geniunely intimate, but also fun on occasion.  Most times are they are filmed in random places such as parks, backyards, playgrounds, etc.  The first time I discovered Watch Listen Tell, I sat on youtube for atleast an hour just cruising through all their work.  Everything is always so beautifully filmed to go along with the song.  It's always inspiring to watch.
 The first is Villagers "Becoming A Jackal", one of my favorite songs. This video just blows the original, recorded version out of the water. At least in my humble opinion.
The next is Dry The River "Bible Belt". I had never heard of these guys until I saw this video, and I have still yet to even hear much more of their music, but this song is enough to hook me.
The last is Hey Rosetta! "Young Glass". This band keeps things upbeat, rather than slowing them down like most of the performances on Watch Listen Tell, and I think it pays tribute to the original pretty well.
Hope you enjoyed those! -Brian