Tuesday Tunes- Music Apps!

Hi!  It's Tuesday, and I had plans to originally show you some of my favorite album artwork this week.  Then just a few days ago I downloaded a new music app and thought it would be much more fun to show a couple of my favorite music related apps.
My first is one called Band Of The Day.  Actually Mallory's sister Sarah told me to download it.  They post a new band every day, but what's so great?  It gives you everything you could want to know about the band: bios, reviews, videos, albums, etc.  You can even press the little play symbol and sample about 6 songs for free.  They even have a page called Buzz which gives you tweets from twitter users about the band or artist.  This such a great app for anyone who really loves finding new music.
The next app is Daytrotter.  If you happen to not know what Daytrotter is, it's a studio/company who brings in bands or musicians and records 3 or 4 live songs of the artist and releases them to the public.  I love hearing live songs much more than studio, so it's really great.  Occasionally you'll get acoustic versions or a song that has a few variances from the original studio verison which is always fun.  They also have an in-house illustrator that draws all of the musicians.  It used to be completely free, but they now charge a $2/month fee, which is still completely worth it.  Some of my favorites include Colour Revolt, O'Brother, and Copeland.
The next and final app is what caused me to switch my blog subject for the week.  It's called Figure.  I downloaded it just a few days ago and have spent way more time on that I should have.  I was up until 2 a.m. last night playing with it.  Basically it gives you the ability to create your own music, digitally.  You have the ability to create a full song in just a few minutes.  The layout is super simple. So for those of you who aren't musically inclined or haven't ever messed with music software, don't be afraid, it's very user friendly.  It also only costs 99 cents in the app store.  The only downfall is there is no way to save your songs or share them with others since it's only the first version.  Hopefully this is something they'll add for later versions.   It is a great way to pass the time if you are waiting to meet someone or anything like that.
I was really excited for this post.  Enjoy!