School Studio- Knitting Edition

 Last spring I shared photos of my draping/sewing studio at school (University of Cincinnati, DAAP) so you could get a feel for the place I spend so much time at.  Well, today I'm sharing photos of my new, machine knitting studio!  It is a huge space with lots of window and an industrial loft sort of feeling.  My favorite part is the yarn wall.

 This is my classmate Megan pinning down her swatches in order to block, or steam, them into the desired shape.

Thanks for taking a visit there with me!  I've been spending a LOT of time there, because unlike sewing I cannot afford a knitting machine to do my work at home.  However,  since the first 4 weeks of class have already passed I feel like we're progressing so fast!  We have already mastered the basic knitting, shaping, and finishing techniques and yesterday we began to take on patterns and specialty stitches.  I think we will be working on felting this Friday!

If  you feel the need to learn more about machine knitting this is the book we use:
Love, Mallory