Tuesday Tunes- Tallhart

 Hello friends.  It's Tuesday again, and you've probably been waiting hours upon hours at your computer for me to post the current installment of Tuesday Tunes.  Well, the time is now.  No longer do you need to wait. 
 Over the weekend Mallory and I went and saw Eisley, Tallhart, and Merriment.  After watching Tallhart live, I decided I had to tell you about them.  I knew of Tallhart by their former name of Marksmen.  Once I found out they were playing this show, I knew I had to go.  I didn't know they had changed their name or even that they recently came out with a new album.  So, I downloaded Sister of Mine, which dropped in January, and have not listened to anything else since.  From the first song to the final, I am hooked.
Every word sang, is so heartfelt and honest, it's hard not to find something to relate to on the album. The singer is pretty open with his words, and never really seems to have too many hidden meanings, like a lot of the other artists I listen to.  I always enjoy when someone is willing to be completely honest, and still sing in front of a crowd of people.

 Then once we actually got to see them, to hear how good they are live, and witness how the singer really means everything he sings, my respect for them grew. One of my favorite parts of any band is the drummer (probably because I've always wanted to learn), and their drummer, Reed, blends his style in so well with each jam.  Do yourself a favor and get their new album, and also find all the Marksmen stuff.  It is well worth it.  Here is one of my favorite songs off the new album, Sister of Mine.  Enjoy:


p.s. from Mallory.  I really loved the show Saturday, too.  I've listened to Eisley since early high school, and now that I know Stacy I felt like we HAD to go to their show.  It was nice to see Darren and Stacy, but then each band was awesome.  It is a rare thing to enjoy every band in a line-up!