A New Blogging Direction

I haven't been around much lately.  Mostly because I was figuring out what direction I wanted to focus on.  For a while I thought I would try to become a DIY blog with focus on teaching readers to make stuff that would fit with my own personal style.  I started working on my blog makeover and when I tried designing my banner I felt stuck into this pigeonhole of "DIY."  Then I thought more and realized that although I enjoy making things, I would rather focus on living a beautiful life and letting you see how I infuse my personal style along the way.

That being said I decided that I'll be posting photos from my world including:
Outfits including the boy, mom, Madison... anyone else I think is awesome.
Weekend adventures
My work including: illustrations, sewn things, school, etc.
Interior decor stuff occasionally.  My mom is like a decor God.
DIYs when I really fall in love with an idea
Some beauty stuff, hopefully including makeup with Jill
Music I enjoy.
Lust Lists will also make a roaring return.

Now that I have verbalized my plan I feel invigorated and excited again!  I'm going to start focusing like this immediately, but it will make much more sense after I the redesign!  Thank you so much for your continuing support and dedicated readership.  I can't tell you how much it means to me!
Love, Mallory