Winter Goals

Today, I read Emma's post about turning a rough time into a time to better yourself and fulfill goals.  That Emma is a smart girl.  Now,  I'm not going through a rough time, but I do still have some goals for this winter.  She inspired me to make a list of my goals to accomplish in the evenings during co-op this winter.  Most have been on the list forever because I tend to think there is 40 hours in the day rather than 24.

1. Draw up a Noah's Ark tattoo for Brian.  He's been asking for months, plus I just put him through modeling.

2. Design Lauren's wedding invites, programs, etc.
(also, check out that rock, TJ did good! Stole this photo from her facebook)

3. Draw/Paint more.  Sell some?!
4. Design some accessories

5. Spend time with family
6. Blog Makeover!

Well I have more like cleaning my car and room, but that's not exciting.  Hey, and thank you for being such incredibly supportive readers.

xoxo, Mallory