Fancy Napkin Folding & Halloween Tablescape

I have a really cool mom with really awesome taste, so I recently asked her to collaborate with me on more projects for 'zis here blog.  Don't worry fashion is still my major focus, but I thought we could start sharing a bit more style in all aspects of life.  So, buckle up kids and check out our first collaboration!

Here is how you fold cheap fabric napkins into fancy clovers.  Ours aren't even perfect squares!
1-3 Fold your corners in to meet in the middle and form a square.
4 Fold in your new corners in the same way
5 Flip the napkin over
6 Fold the corners in again
7 This is what your clover should look like now
8 Reach underneath and pull out the last corners your tucked under
9 TA-DA! A clover made from a napkin!

We used our napkins on top of silver chargers to help the cute halloween plates make a bigger statement!  Add your nice silverware, a holiday runner, a few candles, some shiny things, and a plaster skull under a glass dome for an understatedly creepy tablescape!

Xoxo, Mallory

P.S. Don't forget to welcome my mom, Darlene, to the team!
Most if not all accessories were bought at Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Old Time Pottery