Things A Man Wants

Hi There. This is Mallory's boyfriend, Brian.
She has asked/I volunteered to do a guest post for her. This post is related to Mallory's Lust List. Lust List just sounds too feminine for me so I gave the title a little change. It's awesome, I know. Before I go in to my list, I will go ahead and say Mallory is pretty great and I'm incredibly proud of her dedication to this blog. She is incredible. Now look at all my super cool stuff I want!

Basically this entire outfit from Dear Creatures

I'm trying to work up the courage to wear tank tops.  It's not something I've every really worn, but I like the look.  I'm a fan of stripes, so this Volcom Tank Top is a winner.

 Storytime: Went to Mallory's pool this weekend, and laid out for nearly 2 hours straight.  The goal was to get rid of my farmer's tan so I can wear tank tops.  Instead I got incredibly sunburnt, and look worse than when I was as white as a ghost. I'm pretty sure my body is radiating at 110 degrees right now.

I am so picky about shoes, especially dress. So picky, that I dont even own a pair.  After searching thrift stores, shoe stores, and a million other places, I have found them. These Chukka Boots from Urban are the perfect pair.

These Bubinga Wood Headphones make me want to wear them all day and listen to smooth jams.

This bicycle tee is exactly what I need.

This Vespa is really more just a dream of mine.  I've been wanting to buy a scooter for a few years now, and the color on this one is incredible. One day, she will be mine, and I will name her America.

I just recently started wearing a watch this Christmas. This we-wood watch has had my attention for a months now.

Mallory and I talk often about getting tattooed more, and I've wanted one on my foot for a while now. I really like the two this person has. For some reason, I find old ships incredibly interesting.

I hope you enjoyed my first "Things A Man Wants" post. Hopefully I will get to do one again soon. Have a radical day, friends.