Special project

I love projects.  I really love the one I'm currently involved in.  I can't go into too much detail yet, but I think you're going to be crazy, awesome excited! Promise!

80s sewing book
Other than my current project I've also still been working on the RV Dress Line.  I found these awesome tips in one of my serger books!  I was trying to see if my machine would do a coverstitch.  I still am unsure, but if I ever want to make legwarmers or stirrup pants, I'm set!

red Velvet Fall 2011

This is another sample for the RV line.  I'm almost exactly a medium, so I try stuff on as I'm working.  This one looks so fab with my Chucks, right?  Okay, not really.  We still have a few fabric and fit decisions to make, but things are going excellently.  You can see a few more peeks here!  I hope you ladies are as excited about this line as we are!

xo, Mallory