This was a REALLY big weekend!  Friday my family celebrated Father's day for this amazing guy. 

 Saturday Brian and I drove to St. Louis and spent the rest of the day and Sunday having as much fun as possible.  Today was his 23rd birthday!

(I somehow fit about half of my summer/spring clothes into 2 suitcases)

Then I dropped him off at the airport to fly home and I drove the remaining 3.5 hours to Springfield, Mo.  If you're new around here, first HI!  Then, second January-March I produced the first Red Velvet namesake dress line.  Now I'm back to oversee production of the fall collection!

Elsie and I are so excited to get in full swing.  As soon as I got to her house at 10 pm we started looking at sketches and talking textiles, notions, and such!  We're obsessed in the best way possible!  Tuesday I meet the new team-members and get officially started!

Love, Mallory