Red Velvet Kickstarter

Red Velvet launched a Kickstarter today to help with supply and production costs of the fall dress line that I head to Springfield to produce in June. As the intern who sewed over 100 dresses all by myself this winter I can tell you that we NEED an industrial sewing machine.  Here is Elsie's more eloquently worded explanation:

"At Red Velvet, we are preparing for our Fall/Winter Dress collection. After the success of our Spring/Summer Dress collection we want to expand and grow. We did the first collection on a very small budget and we want to offer a larger Fall/Winter collection on September 1st of this year! We are still planning to invest our own money, but we need a little help getting to the next level in production. We've already assembled a team of 5 summer interns who are incredibly excited to be a part of the collection. The funds we raise from Kickstarter will help us purchase industrial sewing equipment and supplies in larger quantities.  
If you want to support Red Velvet's fashion line, check out our Kickstarter page. There are some fun goodies for supporters! Blog posts and tweets are very much appreciated as well. Thank you in advance for helping us get the word out! Love, Elsie"

Every little bit helps.  If each of my daily readers donated 2 dollars we'd be well on our way to our goal.
Thanks in advance, Mallory