Studio Shots

Mint is my favorite color.  Especially on nails. Revlon

Today I took some snapshots of my sewing work space including all the dress line patterns (check out this shelf in January) and some other random things on the sewing table.

When we bought the blue velvet fabric for the first time we bought enough for 2 sample dresses.  When we found out the fabric was discontinued I finished Morgan's sample for photos (and Elsie's archives).  Ttoday I put the collar on the medium and voila, I have a dress to wear to Jeremy's show Saturday.  He has been rehearsing with everyone on Sundays and we've been privileged enough to hear it as we create in the studio.  Yesterday Stacy and Darren came in for the show and they are so sweet!  Just in case you don't know about the show here is the poster: