Lust List 4

lust list imageeeeee

Spring is slowly creeping in here and with it comes the feelings to want to make things, shop, thrift, and basically give everything a mini face-lift.  As for now though lets focus on my spring wardrobe.  I love to shop in the spring.

Some 'new' vintage dresses always make your wardrobe feel fresh.  These are all from Oldage.

These shorts from Modcloth are screaming "buy me Mallory!"

I have no need to add to my vast swimwear collection, especially since I'll be back in Springfield this summer and not at my pool.  However, this bikini from Anthropologie is one I have been lusting after for months!!!

This pinwheel barrette from The Pin Pals is cuuuute!

I am deeply in love with this carved wooden brooch in the Capricious Traveler's Etsy shop

I have been seriously looking for a double wrap belt like this Michael Kors one.

This boat necklace from Mooi Vintage is right up Brian's alley.  He'll tell me to buy this now I bet.

I bought these Michael Kors sunglasses on Hautelook last week (Mom if a package arrives, that's it).  Hautelook works like Gilt Groupe and Swirl do.

I need some nice flats like these Fossils from Piperlime.

I'd enjoy having these TOMS as well.

Looking at this post I see no real cohesion in my spring style plans, but I think Im rather eclectic in taste by nature.  My outfits are definitely a mash up of styles every day. I do have a pretty standard color palette for the clothing I am most attracted to: white, black, richer browns, red/pink, and blue/teal/turquoise.

I hope your window shopping is equally fruitful this week as mine is :)
Love, Mallory