This is what I wore today:
heart necklace= hand-me-down
sweater= gifted from my sisters when I was in 8th grade! It's from American Eagle.
Cutest of Cupcakes tank top- H&M
jean shorts- thrifted vintage
tights- dance store- Bloch
wedge heels- Urban Outfitters

Gingher scissors- compliments of Santa Claus
lipstick is the Cover Girl lipstain I talked about in this post

Red Velvet is closed on Mondays but I decided to go to the studio and work on my skirt samples.  I'm going to wear them in a photoshoot for the website!  Exciting, right?

Elsie took this pictures for me with the fancy pants lighting and camera system.  It was very sweet of her.
Tonight I got Chipotle for the first time since I've been here.  I love Chipotle.  Brian and I go at least once a week.  I like doing little things that remind me of him and home :)

I'm gonna watch Mad Men now! ttfn!