Ups and Downs

Every project has its ups and downs.  Yesterday was the first down I've had on this project other than being frustrated with fabric providers.  It was a day when I had set a goal for myself and thought I would reach it without problem.  I was wrong and ended up wasting a time on a lost cause collar.  Since my Saturday was such a fail, I decided to go into work today.  I am so incredibly glad that I did because I got to help with/witness the new Red Velvet makeover, met my goal from yesterday, and did a mini fitting with our amazing model Sarah.  She has an stunning face and bright red hair!

photo from the rva site

Now that I'm home I'm going to finish up my final supply purchase sourcing! Soon I'll be watching Harry Potter and reteaching myself to crochet.  I'm kinda winging it along with a little help from this helpful website.

Wish me luck! ♥ Mallory