Record Jackpot

Last night I was talking to my dad about the records I have and he said something to the effect of "Your mom and I have a box downstairs," and "You're welcome to it."  I pretty much ran down the stairs and found a big ol' box of records from the 60s-80s.  I feel like I hit the lottery.

My favorite is The Beatles White Album.  I really love the Beatles, I say this with no fear of sounding cliche.  I think I now have almost all of their records.  Every one is vintage except an Abbey Road lp.   There are also records from these people included: Paul Simon, Elton John, The Police, Led Zeppelin, Jackson Brown... tons more... and a Bill Cosby stand-up :).

Today I wrapped my gifts while listening to Dad's records.  Now I'm done other than waiting for John's gift and assembling Ben's...

byeee, bed time.