Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

I'm buried up to my eyes in threads and fabrics and buttons and zippers.  I wouldn't have it any other way!

I leave in less than a week for a special place in Missouri!  I'll give you one more hint as to where I'm going... my boss/partner in the venture is a super popular blogger.

Hopefully all of the skirts I'm making will be done by then.  Or maybe I should save all my button sewing for when my mom is taking the driving shifts on my way there.  Mom's roadtrippin it with me then riding back with my Dad who is following us there (overkill... maybe, but very sweet).  I may have to visit my summer boss Deb next week to use her button holer.  If my buttons weren't free I wouldn't be using shank ones and I could use her button sewing machine, too. Dang.

Ah welp.  Back to work xoxo!