Puppy Love

I always thought I was a bit more of a cat person than a dog person (maybe because my cat is really cuddly and cute), but I think I realized that I like both.  When I was really young I had a big black lab named Shadow and I have a specific memory of running up our hill of a drive way and its tail knocking me over because I was so small comparatively.  I loved that dog.  After that my cousin had a really mean and active German Shepherd that made me decide I no longer liked dogs.

Lately though I realized I like them.  Especially my sister's dog Ryker now that he no longer tries to bite my hands off and claw up my tights. Gotta love maturation.

Here are the other dogs I like.  To reiterate that I am now a pet person.

This is Lauren and Tj's dog Charlie on Halloween. He broke a leg a few months ago so included a picture of him in his cast.  He didn't let it get him down at all!

These are John's dogs who he posts pictures of all the time. Especially sleeping ones.

This is my sister and her roommate's dog Chips. She's a lady!

I wish I had a picture of my boss from this summer's dog because her name was Erdman and she was the  funniest dachshund ever.  She sat in the sewing room with us all day.

Have I said how much I appreciate all of you followers and friends?  Because I really do!! If you have any pet photos you should share them!  I'll be back tonight with my giveaway winner and some of my drawing projects!
loveeee mallory