Felling Inspired!

Christmas is coming!  I've bought about half of my gifts already.  It seems like most of the blogosphere is jumping straight from Halloween to Christmas, and I'm totally okay with that!  It makes hearing singing Christmas trees at stores a little bit better.  Speaking of nifty trees I want a pink Christmas tree like this when I get my own place.  When I do get a real place though it'll more than likely be a shared one with sir Brian and I'm sure he won't want a pink tree so I suppose I could go for a pretty blue tree like this.

What else has inspired me?  Oh, I'm glad you wondered.  I babysat my cousins and their neighbors tonight.  I saw that my Aunt Helen had out all of her photos including the old ones she stole from Grandma.  Once the kids were settled down watching Shrek I took some photos of my favorite old photos.  There were some really great ones of my grandma, Shirley.  She was really pretty.  She has a natural marcel wave in her hair, and I wonder how I got screwed with such straight boring brown hair.

I took this one on my phone, and haven't uploaded the others from my camera yet.
Once I do you'll be the first ones to see!  Now, I'm going to go to bed ridiculously early for a Saturday, so I can get an early start on homework in the morning!  If I finish early maybe I'll do some long awaited thrifting?

xoxo, Mallory