I've meant to make today an all day homework fest.  I have hardly gotten anything done.  Other than that I've been considering a blog makeover?  I've made it over like 3 times since I started blogging about a year and a half ago.  I've never fallen in love with it in totality.  I think I need to actually put some planning and thought into it if I do.  I feel like I for sure need a new banner.  I love the current one, but I think I should make one that's more about my fashion design stuffs.  We shall see!

I must get back to work now though because as soon as my school stuff is finished I can start on my special project!!!  Fabric above is for that project!  I think I'll be allowed to announce my winter co-op and my special project soon!

Thanks for dealing with my ramblings :)
xoxo, Mallory!