Cape Cuteness

If had enough money to buy fabric and supplies for whatever project I wanted to work on.  There are a few things I would make for myself right away.  Wool for a cape like this Dear Creatures one is at the top of my fabric wishlist:

It's so cuteee!  I designed a great cape for a collection I drew about a month ago for my paper doll project.  I haven't scanned any of that project though since my teacher is STILL grading it.  That's okay though because she's adorable.  She worked as an illustrator for a fashion magazine in Paris in the 1970s.  How amazing is that?  She's so fascinating, I want her to be my best friend :)

Back to the post at hand though, I am broke and cannot afford things.  My mom still needs to take me shopping for a birthday gift.  She likes to do that so she can get time with me out of my gift.  That's okay though since I enjoy spending time with her, gift or not.

Going to the Old Spaghetti Factory with Brian soon.  Btw Brian now has a tumblr in case you're interested in seeing what a man version of me has to share.

Love Mallory