AHHH! Orla SS11

So, I've been looking at the ss11 collections to get an idea on color trends, and I am floored by how amazing Orla Kiely makes retro so modern and as adorable as possible.  I would wear ALL of these.

I'm so in love with this video, too.  The 50s and 60s are my favoriteeee!  I'd also really like to visit London!

"From London with Love" - Orla Kiely Spring/Summer 2011 from gia coppola on Vimeo.

I made some muslin shorts tonight, too. I can't wait to try them on my model, who just so happens to be my friend Catherine.  She has the most amazing fashion (and everything) illustrating skills.  She keeps promising me she'll start a blog so I can brag on her drawing amazingness!

Until then she'll only live here through my photos.
Going to bed early to get an early start tomorrow!
kisses! Mallory

p.s. I've recently become aware of how often I use exclamation marks.  I must be an excitable person.