On Friday Brian and I went to Joe's Java in Wilmington to hang out with his friends and see Joe Dunlap play. You can watch the show here.  Joe covers Umbrellas and that is my favorite song.  We didn't actually watch the other guy.  We played Scrabble in the coffee shop and I barely won. 

Saturday I did my design drawing homework and we got sushi and Thai food with Lauren, TJ, and Michael.  Afterwards we went to the Springboro haunted hayride. I don't like scary stuff, but it was lots of fun!  Lauren has more pictures on her camera.  It was super dusty, and there were BMX riders doing tricks and stuff.

Today is pumpkin picking day!  Then we eat all kinds of awesome fall foods and since Dash's birthday is November 2nd we're doing presents and Iron Man cupcakes today! YAY!
Family should be here soon!
xoxo mallory