Wardrobe Pictures- Lumberjack or Jill

I realize that it's Monday and I usually do Marriage Monday, but I'm feeling uninspired to do it now.  I may pick it back up again in the future, but no worries I'll still do my Style Icon Thursdays.  They're my favorite features to write.

Here's what I wore to school today:


I haven't been wearing mascara every day
I think my current hair makes my eyes stand out more.
Maybe the golden with the blue?

Scarf- Mom's Christmas gift from Brian last year
Plaid tunic- Walmart. I think it's supposed to be a nightgown.  Sometimes I belt it.
black leggings- Under Armour (awsomely warm) the UA tucks nicely below long tops and dresses
Socks- Dad's haha
boots- Chinese Laundry- Piperlime I picked these out for my last birthday, and Brian footed the bill :)
I'm disappointed in the quality though.  One of the leather covered snaps is no longer covered, one snap came out last year, and as of this morning one snap will no longer snap, so I just cuffed them.

I've got my next experimental design presentation tomorrow, so I must draw now.  I think I also must make myself some hot chocolate with my mom's homemade cocoa mix.
It's amazing, just like you!
xoxo, Mallory