Style Icon Thursday- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Hey there. This is Brian, and I am guest blogging for Mallory's style icon Thursday. I volunteered to do this post, and hopefully I will do a few more in the future.
I decided to do Joseph Gordon-Levitt for my first one because he is a smooth looking fella, and also because he was in Angels in the Outfield, which is an all time favorite movies of mine. Mallory suggests I have a man-crush on him. Don't believe her. His popularity has exploded since he starred in 500 Days of Summer with one of Mallory's favorite people, Zooey Deschanel. His style sense is radical, and he seems to be dressed up most of the time. If I ever get around to buying a suit, I may base the style of it from something he has worn. 
Good sweater with the tie and dress shirt under. 
This is something I do often when dressing up.

One of our favorite movies, 500 Days of Summer.

I'm not one for long jackets, but this one is legit.

I don't know why he's smoking here. Grossology.

I 100% dig this jacket.

I like the basic striped shirt under the suit jacket.

This suit has a vintage style to it.

I don't think he can grow a full beard.

In Inception, he wore a suit all the time. The slicked back, greasy
hair is not cool though.

I see angels.

That's it for my first guest post.
Enjoy it.