Art Journaling

So, art journaling is one of those things that I always just assumed I wouldn't have time for.

I'm more of a list kinda girl.  I also have quite a few incredibly large inspiration albums in my iphoto.
I have ones for vintage garments, handmade accessories, interior, childrens wear, menswear, handmade clothing, shoes, pretty art, and lingerie.

So, today during our first class of my Experimental Design course our teacher has requested we start an art/inspiration journal.  I'm really excited because someone is making it mandatory I do somthing I've wanted to for a long time.  I'm really having a hard time with the thought of chopping up my Nylon and Vogue magazines.

Here are some journals I admire:

(I like the vintage pattern cutout)

Fangsuporly (on flickr)

I am now going to take a nap because I have another 2 hours before my next class!