Here's my weekend!

On Friday we left to go to the lake, but in the morning it was raining and there were scattered showers on the forecast for the whole day. Great.

Instead we left early and did some flea market and antique store shopping in Georgetown, KY.
If Dash isn't in the photo he took it haha. He's really good at centering things actually!

I took this because I really love this quilt!!

Here's what I bought, although my mom doesn't understand, along with some fabric.

Then we went to the pool!
Dash got the excavator when we shopped earlier.

Sarah and I in our matching suits

This is the first photo Dash took of us.
There are quite a few more of our feet before we could talk him into take one or 2 of our torsos and heads.

Well I'm off to the pool again!
xoxo Mallory