Good weekend!

Friday I had the day off, and that's always lovely I got started on one of my simple goals!
This is what my walls looked like.
Give me a break though, I was 13 when I put these up!
So, Friday they came down!

Then I took some studio photos:
Mommy and me haha and my new easel stool $2 thrifted!

Antique show purchase! $5, and it looks so great with my mom's old desk and the wall color!
work surface and some iron-ons I bought

Then I went with brian to the Underground to see his friend Joe Dunlap play.
Joe's amazing.  He's so heartfelt and sincere, and his lyrics rule!
(hung my dress while I showered to release the wrinkles.  I made this!)
I wore it with a thick black belt and my new booties that gave me some humongous blisters :(

Saturday: Madison, Brian, and I hung out.  We went putt-putting and got ice cream at on the slab!

Off to watch Dash!
xoxo Mallory