Duaflex, Wardrobe Remix, Cupcakes, Moccasins, and Treasury (PHEW)!

So I saw recently learned what ttvs were and I am really surprised that I didn't know till now.
I bought a duaflex II for $6 on Ebay and got it yesterday.
I was playing with it and my mom said, "Hey I have one of those.  It's much nicer, too."
haha of course.

I need to clean the lens.

Through the red thingy

New wardrobe remix!

I don't think I've ever said that my mom makes gourmet cupcakes.
She really is like Martha Stewart.
These were for Brittany's friend's wedding shower (that may no be proper English)

I really love these belts and moccasins from Darlingtonia
I wish I was rich :)

I never really liked moccasins till lately, and still I don't like many.
These are amazing!

Last, but not least my ice cream cookie jar is in a Treasury!
Thanks to Betty Bead Boutique!