Get the look

I often see looks on sites like The Sartorialist, other blogs, and Flickr groups to find fashion inspiration. Some looks I want all for my own so I think I might start doing a "get the look" feature each Tuesday!

Clothed Much has this picture on her blog today
I'm not one for much mixing of black and brown. I tell most people it's a fashion DON'T unless...
a: it's done by someone who is very concious of what they're doing
b: is a lighter caramel or toffee brown
c: the outfit has a garment or pattern or details that incoroporate the two.

Here the brown is lovely caramel and the scarf pulls in both that and the black= fashion win

Love the leopard scarf. Maybe it's because I can now draw it.
This one is $12 from Sea Lion Vintage on Esty (or is it sealion?)

Weathered leather jacket:
$20 for this Lovely 80s from who else but Vintage Leather Attire


Red Rivet Jeans from Macy's $19.99
I really love the white topstitching.

Plain black shirt

Mossimo via Target $9.99


AJPaul vintage on Etsy $17.oo
I know hers are black but I think another touch of the caramel color would be nice


1970s handbag from LoveP on Etsy
$58 ouch! but worth it

In total our look is $136.98 before tax and shipping.
Without the purse and shoes it is 61.98 which is much easier to swallow. Plus it's likely you could find a plain black tee, neat brown shoes, and a cute brown purse at a local thrift store. That just lowered your price by a LOT especially if you think about shipping.

I think fashion is so much fun, and it's not hard to be cheap and look expensive if you get creative.