Diy Valentine's Cookies!

My mom and I just made some awesome cookies! I plan on giving some to everyone. I saw a picture of an old Martha Stewart Living with Stained Glass Cookie pops.

My mom and I decided to make our own version. We used my uncle's aunt's recipe for sugar cookies.

Make your dough and when it's chilling crush some candy. I used candy sticks from New year's but you can use candy canes or Jolly Ranchers
Make sure you put the candy in a Ziploc and crush it on a cutting board (I've put dents in my mom's countertop before).
Roll out the dough (or have your mom do it)
We have a Linzer cookie cutter which has the middle cut-out already
OR you can use 2 separate cutters like the following pictures.

put the candies in the hearts. Use a spoon or your hands will get sticky!

My first batch the hearts were too small so I stretched the next couple out.
We also covered a few with simple cookie glaze.
final cookies.