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Your Mallory Style - 2017 Catch Up

Okay, I'll admit it.  I haven't blogged here in 2 years.  BUT I'M BACK!  I thought the best way to come back was featuring the outfits you lovely ladies have worn featuring items from Shop Mallory.

Photos of: Kim of Leeta Ruth, Taylor, Eliana & Alyssa, Lauren B., Valerie, Natasha, Lauren W., Amanda, Kate, & Stephanie.

Look at all these lovely gals (and Brian) in Shop Mallory designs!  Also, did you know I do custom pieces like the Christmas skirts I made for Lauren & myself?  There are a few others in the mix above, too.  Send me an email if you want something custom made:

Oh! The most exciting thing this year is the last photo.  Tori Spelling posted a video of a package we sent her on Instagram Live!  The internet is so weird.

xo, Mallory