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Hey Pretty! Welcome to Mallory Muddiman's Portfolio and Blog

Mallory is a fashion designer of her own, self-named collection.  She graduated from the University of Cincinnati's world renowned DAAP program with a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Design in April 2013.  In the past Mallory worked at Red Velvet, A Beautiful Mess' now closed fashion line.  She collaborated on Elsie's designs, sourced and manufactured their first collection single-handedly.  She then went onto manage the manufacturing and sourcing of their expanded second collection.  She has also worked as a photoshoot styling assistant for Amazon's MyHabit.  You can read about and see more of Mallory's design process and brand, along with outfits, projects, and life, here at her blog, Mallory Makes Things!

Mallory (the collection) is a ladies fashion brand with cheeky sophistication!

The name Mallory has origins in Old French for "Unlucky."  However, a Mallory girl doesn't need luck!  She believes in working hard, having fun, exploring, and not taking life too seriously.  Mallory girls make their own luck!

Mallory is a brand designed by Mallory Muddiman and her mom Darlene Fausz.  Their goal is to bring high quality, classic feeling pieces with a cheeky and happy twist to our customers.  All of the pieces are currently fully handcrafted (designed, cut, and sewn) in a spacious home studio in Northern Kentucky by Mallory & Darlene.  They're based about five minutes south of downtown Cincinnati, OH.

The Mallory online store opened in fall 2013 with a range of bags, jewelry and accessories.  Since then they have added full clothing and accessory lines for spring and fall each year with a few seasonal releases in between.